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Find Hope is non-profit organisation that advocates and lobbies for support to help youths and immigrants understand the dynamics of life. The „Save Life Project“ is launched with the aim to motivate young people to take responsibility of their sexuality. As this will redirect them to have reasons to believe in their future

Today the world has the largest generation of young people ever. Of whom many are young women and men, particularly with regard to the unprotected groups such as LGBTQs, orphans, young people fleeing from war and difficult circumstances lack information and services regarding SRH rights.

This renders them extremely susceptible to violence, unwanted pregnancies, unsafe sex thus abortion, STDs and HIV/AIDS.

Save Life Project considers it important that young people are not just regarded as recipients of care and information but also as active subjects and agents with the ability to handle information and knowledge about SRH Rights.

Ultimate aim:

To see that youths have facts about their sexual and reproductive rights

To empower boys and girls to shape society and their own lives promote gender equality.

Continue to support initiatives that contribute to access to youth-friendly health services of good quality.

To continue to support activities that aim to educate and spread information  to young people about the unequal division of power between men and women, sexuality and personal relationships, reproduction and HIV prevention

To network and support the build-up of sustainable systems for the distribution of affordable contraceptives of good quality as well as counselling for adults and young people regardless of sex. I.e. Support the purchase and distribution of emergency contraceptive methods and PEP treatment (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) where there are risks of persons being infected with HIV.

Human Right Activist & Founder


Naome is a Human Right Activist that has been on a forefront in Africa and served on different organisational boards. Naome is the first woman that came out openly and founded an organisation in her country Rwanda, she fought with the government, society, culture about the homosexuality issues for 11 years. Naome co-founded and was a secretary for Coalition Of African Lesbian for 11 years. She also co-founded and represented the PAN ILGA africa on East Africa and Central Africa for five years and was co-alternate Secretary General for ILGA World for two years. Naome has served and will continue to serve and defend the LGBT immigrants and young people that are struggling to understand gender and sexuality.